Skrill Online Pokies Sites

Privacy and security are important to New Zealand’s online pokies fans, as they should be to anyone transacting with real money online. For this reason, almost all of the sites we feature at will have Skrill among the internet-based banking options that you can use for deposits and withdrawals. You can add an extra level of privacy and security to your playing transactions by using these online banking methods.

If you open a Skrill account, for example, you can top it up at any time using credit and debit cards from your land-based bank accounts, and make withdrawals in the same way. But you can manage all your transactions with online pokies sites strictly via your Skrill account, so you’re never sharing any of your other banking details, or personal information, with the sites you visit. You can also keep your bets and winnings in a completely separate account to the ones you use day to day.

Skrill was first launched in 2001, under the title Moneybookers, and it has spent 15 years becoming one of the most trusted third-party payment methods available online. It now has over 36 million customers worldwide, and is available in 200 countries, including New Zealand. So New Zealand dollars are among the 41 currencies it supports, and customers can be served in 12 different languages.

Skrill allows you to transfer money internationally instantly, and you can even attach a prepaid MasterCard to your account, for use at ATMs and retail stores. All you need to sign up is an email address, and you can register for a Skrill account that is readily accepted at almost all online pokies sites. At the same time, all the details of the private accounts you use to deposit into and withdraw from your Skrill account, will remain your business alone.

Basics of Skrill Casino Accounts

While using a Skrill account gives you added peace of mind, it’s important that the pokies sites you play at also take online security and player privacy seriously. That’s why all the sites we feature will have proper SSL encryption in place, of the same standard used in international finance, to protect all your interactions with the site.

We also look for privacy policy that are strictly enforced, so you can be assured that the site isn’t one of those dodgy operations that sells personal information to third parties. Audit certificates also matter to us; they prove that a respected independent expert like eCOGRA is testing the site’s games and judging them fair.

Best Pokies Bonuses

We keep our bonus lists up to date, so you’ll always know which pokies sites are offering the best free spins deals, deposit-matching bonuses, etc. Sometimes, online gaming sites offer pokies bonuses related to specific banking platforms, including Skrill, which is an added incentive to use it as a payment method.

Because it has been around long enough to gain a solid reputation, and because it continues to deliver customer satisfaction with fast, low-fee, hassle-free transactions internationally, Skrill is almost impossible not to find at online gaming sites. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that all of New Zealand’s finest online pokies sites offer the Skrill option; and here at, only the finest is what you’d expect.