Play PaySafeCard Online Pokies

At, we’re well aware that New Zealand has millions of pokies fans, but that you might be one of those who is hesitant to try online play because you’re reluctant to share your banking details on the internet. It’s not an unreasonable attitude to have; if your information isn’t out there in the first place, it can never be hacked. However, giving up all the fun and potential profit you can have playing hundreds of your favourite pokies online is quite a sacrifice.

The good news is that it’s not a sacrifice you actually have to make. With PaySafeCard, you can play pokies at dozens of the sites featured here at, and never ever have to give your banking details online. The anonymity afforded by PaySafeCard is another bonus; as a pre-paid service, it won’t require you to include your personal information when depositing at pokies sites either.

PaySafeCard is an electronic payment method invented in Austria in 2000, so it is now a trusted veteran in this sphere. Along with subsidiaries in London, New York and Dusseldorf, it offers online transactions in 43 countries and several currencies, including New Zealand dollars.

The beauty of the PaySafeCard is that it is pre-paid. The player must purchase a card from a retail outlet for a set value, using cash or any of their preferred personal banking cards. They receive a 16-digit PIN in return; players then use this PIN to make anonymous deposits into their playing account at an online pokies site.

PaySafeCards can be purchased in NZD denominations of $10, $20, $50 or $100, so even if you only enjoy an occasional flutter at small stakes, you can set your spending at a limit you’re comfortable with. They are on sale at hundreds of convenience stores, newsagents and other retailers across New Zealand. In fact, wherever you are in the world, a quick search of the PaySafeCard website will give you a list of the closest PaySafeCard outlets, along with a local map displaying their locations.

Pokies Bonus Offers

If you’re an ardent online pokies fan already, you’ll know about making the most of bonus offers. Apart from welcome bonuses and regular free spins packages, all of which we update constantly on, some sites will also offer bonus play linked to specific banking platforms from time to time. So check our bonus lists daily, and now and again you’ll be able to score even more than you paid for on your PaySafeCard.

Play More Safely with Paysafecard

The only drawback to PaySafeCard is that it cannot be used for withdrawals, but there are several other online-only withdrawal options, like PayPal or Skrill pokies, offered at most of the top New Zealand pokies sites featured at Using different online platforms to deposit and withdraw is actually an advantage to players particularly interested in privacy, as it adds another layer of anonymity to your online pokies transactions.

However, as a deposit method, PaySafeCard is hard to beat. Because it is prepaid, it is easier for pokies enthusiasts to set an affordable budget, and stick to it. When playing using your personal bank accounts directly, the temptation is always there, if you hit a rough patch and blow your budget for the session, to deposit a little more and supposedly win it all back. As most experienced online pokies players have discovered, that is a recipe for disaster. PaySafeCard helps you play online more sensibly, whenever your will power might falter.